Shows an opaque blueish hue from inside, while blocking solar heat, harsh glare and heat gain from entering. Also reduces heat loss during cooler months.


Provides extreme heat and glare protection while allowing the least amount of light to enter.


Reflects IR heat radiation, UV-radiation and diffuses sunlight when applied to the inside of greenhouses.


Can be easily removed and reapplied seasonally to block heat or allow solar gain as needed.

sOOp Glass Cleaner

Prepares skylights for Liquisol applications by first removing grease and debris. sOOp also kills mold, mildew and bacteria.

First introduced in Ancient Rome, skylights have continually gained worldwide popularity. With modern day’s surge in commercial architecture, rooftop skylights are the “go to” windows for adding interior natural light. However, along with the introduction of light, rooftop skylights allow another element to enter…HEAT!