Jeremy Shapiro Chief Executive Officer

Originally launched in 2003, High Impact Glass Solutions has exploded into a multi-division company. With a keen eye for staying ahead of the curve, Jeremy has an innate ability to integrate cutting edge window film technology and self-proclaimed techniques. Results? Reduced energy consumption, increased comfort for occupants, and overall improved conditions inside a building’s environment. With local, national, and international projects, Jeremy’s vast experience and ability to analyze any building’s challenges are simply unmatched.

Spending much of his time in the commercial sector, Jeremy recognized problems precipitated by rooftop skylights:

Determined to resolve these issues, Jeremy discovered Liquisol solar control paint. Developed in Belgium, Liquisol is a remarkable solar reflective paint designed to eliminate skylight problems without hampering the flow of natural light. Though Liquisol has gained very favorable popularity throughout much of the western world, Jeremy first put it to the test in St. Petersburg, Florida. Persuaded by Liquisol’s fascinating capabilities, Jeremy launched Skylight Solutions USA and became the only authorized Liquosol dealership in the U.S.