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Skylights, domes, and conservatories are often installed on warehouses and commercial building rooftops, especially for structures with limited windows. Ah, yes. Skylights will add illumination and a more open feel for those who are inside. However, these benefits are often outweighed by the negative consequences they can cause:

  1. Increased Solar Heat Gain

Skylights are bulls-eye targets when the sun is directly overhead, making them more vulnerable to heat than vertical windows. As documented by the U.S. Consumer Energy Center, (and building owners who experience this first-hand), skylights absorb up to four times more solar heat than vertical windows. Not advantageous for occupants… or for your HVAC systems trying to cool things down.

  1. Increased Heat Loss

Because heat rises, it is also documented that 35-45% more heat will be lost from skylights compared to traditional windows. Air conditioners can rest during the cooler months but now your heating systems are challenged to overcome the “great heat escape”!

  1. Longevity and Appearance

Skylights typically come with varying life spans, but their look and functionality can deteriorate after a few short years due to environmental exposure and damaging UV rays. As such, the cost to replace skylights can arrive much quicker than expected.

Assuredly, skylights serve a purpose by brightening up dark buildings. But, because they allow an influx of solar heat, glare, and UV rays, skylights and their relatives can also become performance and cost ineffective.

Many Ask: Besides darkening with shades or covers, is there an “easy fix” to reduce the pitfalls of using skylights?

There Absolutely Is!

With advanced innovation, Liquiosol’s paint is the most simple, affordable, and effective option to reduce skylight heat and glare while offering additional benefits:

  • Only translucent coating available with 57% Total Solar Energy rejection.
  • Reduces annual electric costs in any environment.
  • Adds longevity and protection against fading and aging skylight appearances.
  • Increases interior comfort and productivity in the workplace.
  • Eliminates the expense and maintenance required by blinds, covers, and shades.
  • Anti-glare feature enables occupants to look directly at skylight comfortably without eye strain.
  • Emits a blue hue on the inside designed to mimic the sky and replicate beautiful weather outdoors.
  • Applied by pros or in-house as a DIY project, Liquisol can be painted onto Lexan, plastic, poly-carbonite, plexiglass, and glass.
  • Warrantied with a life-time expectancy of up to 10 years.

DHL Aviation was “heating up” with an abundance of problems caused by their skylights.
Those problems no longer exist: https://youtu.be/z1x2DLIuzJw.

Liquisol will cool down YOUR building, reduce heat gain and harsh glare, keep cold air from escaping when running a/c systems, cut down heat loss during cooler months, and even extend the lifetime of your skylights.

For more information, visit: www.skylightsolutionsusa.com and call us: 877-295-8041.