Do Skylights Live Up to Their Hype?

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Installed on rooftops, skylights certainly shed “new light” inside commercial buildings. Also labeled as skydomes and conservatories, these roof windows are widely considered aesthetically pleasing.

But let’s be clear. Though science and people agree that sun-lit work areas are beneficial mood elevators, such an environment can also cause some daunting challenges.


  • Heat Gain – Excessive sunlight pouring thru a building’s roof sounds like a refreshing way to brighten work areas and connect with nature. However, expectations can be diluted when temperatures spike inside causing discomfort to occupants, and possibly heat damage to products being manufactured or assembled.
  • The Great Escape – Skylights do not conduct in the same manner as walls or ceilings. This said, buildings in a colder climate can lose interior heat whereas buildings in hot climates can lose cool air from air conditioners. Referred to as “year-round energy losers”, both scenarios result in energy loss and drive up monthly electric bills.
  • Harsh Glare – Sun glare is a welcome attribute at the beach and can easily be minimized with sunglasses. But how what about in a place of employment? Should a work force be squinting from the sun? Not unless they’re lifeguards! Undoubtedly, glare from skylights can cause major disruption for employees in the workplace.
  • UV Damage – If left in the sun long enough, floors, furniture, and fixtures will fade. As long as the sun’s rays are passing over skylights, UV radiation has a clear pass to stream into buildings’ interiors. In time, UV damage will require replacement of elements and cause additional expense to owners.


In an attempt to correct these issues, many buildings have screens, blinds, and shades installed over their skylights. Sounds great but are they effective solutions? Not when you consider that they darken rooms which defies the purpose of having skylights in the first place. AND these expensive, temporary accessories only last 4-5 years. There HAS to be a better solution!

And There Is!

First developed in Belgium, Liquisol is quickly becoming America’s most trusted remedy. Set apart from every other product available, Liquisol does what building owners with skylights hope for….and more! 

Liquisol is a “Game-Changer” for Skylight Performance

  • Cooler, glare-free buildings – Blocks out 57% of solar heat and 99% less glare from entering thru skylights.
  • Year-round comfort – With its proprietary technology, Liquisol stops heat gain during the hot summer months and prevents heat from escaping during the winter and cooler months.
  • Saves $$ – Lowers monthly energy costs.
  • Increased production – Additional comfort improves workplace environment.
  • Anti-UV properties – Protects floors and interior essentials from UV fade.
  • Versatility – Easily applied to acrylic, plexiglass, polycarbonate, polyester, or glass.
  • Longevity – Liquisol is warrantied with a life-expectancy of 8–10 years.

Traditionally with age, skylights appear yellow, cloudy, murky, etc. When coated with Liquisol, the durability of skylights, domes, and conservatories is remarkably lengthened by YEARS, without the effects of the usual aging process!


With Liquisol’s menu of energy saving coatings, add comfort, protection, and save money while reducing your building’s carbon footprint! Providing superior solar control, Liquisol treated skylights will absolutely live up to their hype!