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Provides extreme heat and glare protection while allowing the least amount of light to enter.

With an average of 4,015 hours of sunshine per year, Yuma also earns the title as the sunniest city in the world. Why not then let the sun’s light brighten up my establishment? Wouldn’t that add ambiance and save me from having to turn on lights all day?

Made sense to me so my rooftop had several skylights added. Egads! In no time, my restaurant suffered an interior spike of intense heat with blinding glare. There was definitely no need for artificial light, as ever since, we’ve needed sunglasses to read the food tickets and monitors. I actually thought about renaming my kitchen to the “Inferno Chamber”.

Last year I spent a fortune on so-called heat relievers: bigger A/C systems, additional fans, low-e windows, even window tinting (which helped but just not enough). All attempts failed. I felt like a “cooked goose”.

And then, I found Skylight Solutions USA, the only Liquisol dealership here in the states. Come to find out, their 4EVERdark product is the most effective skylight paint in situations where the sun’s heat and glare are extreme.  Hmm, a translucent paint that goes on easily that would actually cool down my restaurant, block out heat and glare, AND come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty? I was sold!

With their network, Skylight Solutions USA had painters right outside of Yuma contact me. Skylight measurements were given and before I knew it, all the product needed were delivered. Two days later, 4EVERdark was applied. Two days later, problems with heat and sun glare were eliminated!
Thank you Liquisol for developing such an amazing paint and thank you Skylight Solutions USA, for your fabulous assistance.  From the first phone call to the last stroke of paint, the experience was remarkable, and I couldn’t have wished for better results!😊