Growing tomatoes

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Reflects IR heat radiation, UV-radiation and diffuses sunlight when applied to the inside of greenhouses.

Today, we ship from our home state of California to major grocery chains nationwide. Sounds like an amazing success story, right? It certainly is, but not one without a huge problem that nearly had us producing “rotten tomatoes”!

All went well until summers approached with long days of scorching sun, perfect for the west coast beach-lovers, but putting our crops in danger. The heat inside the greenhouses increased so greatly, that our tomatoes (and our livelihood) were in serious jeopardy.

With so much at stake (as in beefsteak?) I immersed myself in finding the solution.

And sure enough, I found it!

I read about 4EVERGreen, a permanent solar reflective coating made specially to temper the sun’s heat in greenhouses. Though developed in Belgium, I discovered their USA dealership in Florida. One phone call to the Sunshine State and several days later, a team was put together through their national network and the 4EVERGreen coating was rolled onto the inside of all my greenhouses. With heat no longer an issue, and my tomatoes looking hardier than ever, business was booming again!