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When designing our bedroom, we included large skylights. Afterall, we love natural, dramatic lighting. And what could be dreamier than a heavenly blue sky overhead?

We quickly discovered that during the day, relaxing on our once comfy bedroom was likened to being in a sauna! YIKES! Heat and glare were pouring in through the skylights and the a/c never seemed to cycle off. Even our new wooden floors were endangered with startling signs of premature fading.

Our expectations of “home sweet home” seemingly flew out the window (pardon the pun)!

After an urgent phone conversation with the skylight company, we were given a few options: external covers, interior blinds, or shades.

Rather than taking on the expense for these unattractive add-ons, we went into discovery mode to find a better option.

Our persistence paid off! We learned about LIQUISOL’s simple, affordable, and effective translucent solar control paint. http://www.sgdusa.com/Products/LiquisolSolarControlPaints.aspx

Rolled onto the exterior, our skylights emitted a soothing and heavenly blue hue in our bedroom, reminiscent of a gorgeous blue sky. Heat gone. Glare gone. Dangerous UV rays gone. Home “sweat” home gone! The journey concluded with a very happy ending…. (or beginning?) as our once overheated bedroom was now the inviting and comforting haven that we had hoped for.

Visit our website: www.skylightsolutionsusa.com or call us for more information on how LIQUISOL will “cool down” and improve the performance of your skylights: 877-295-8041.