Who Doesn’t Love a Happy Ending?

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The homeowners spared no expense with their kitchen design and wished to give it an open, light-filled aura. What they didn’t anticipate was the amount of excessive heat entering as well. In serious need of a remedy, they researched covers, screens, and even custom blinds. Such options would help to cut down the heat and glare, but uh-oh, they would block too much light and defeat the purpose of having skylights in the first place. Hmmm, so much for the romantic kitchen they dreamed of!

Needing a solution, they discovered that paint on skylights will act as a shield. At first, this made a lot of sense. But further investigation revealed, painting skylights had some pretty harsh drawbacks:

  • paint creates a fairly permanent fix and makes removal prohibitive
  • paint can harden the gaskets, causing skylights to become ineffective
  • paint can fade and look weathered from environmental exposure

Desperate to find an answer, the search continued…until they found us. And that’s how they learned about LIQUISOL’s translucent solar control paint. Formulated to reflect infrared light where the heat is concentrated, LIQUISOL offers a lifetime expectancy of
8-10 years.

No Other Skylight Paint Comes Close:

  • 57% glare and heat rejection added cool comfort to their kitchen
  • Prevented heat loss during winter months when the heat was turned on
  • Less expensive and easier to maintain compared to blinds and covers
  • Easy to apply, they chose to paint their skylight as a DIY project

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Surprisingly affordable with a remarkable performance, LIQUISOL’s benefits far outweighed all other alternatives they explored. Elated to have found the perfect skylight solution, their pursuit came to an end. Finally, with excessive heat and glare gone, they had the romantic kitchen of their dreams.

Who doesn’t love happy endings?